The Frontier Nursing University Office of Alumni Relations is here to support YOU! Our purpose is to find new and meaningful ways to engage and support Alumni—from graduation throughout your career. Alumni are an integral part of FNU's development because you demonstrate the excellence of FNU in everyday practice and because you are our #1 recruiters and most loyal donors. We appreciate your commitment to FNU, and we hope to offer rewarding programs in return. 

Services are open to all graduates of FNU. We currently have over 4,000 alumni in all fifty states and many countries around the world. We encourage you to explore the services, programs, and activities offered and to become involved. There are several wonderful ways to stay in touch with friends and connected to FNU including; reunions, conference receptions, case days, eNews and our very active Facebook Group. To take advantage of all member services, please update your contact information HERE.

Giving Back

Membership in the Alumni Association is free and available to all graduates. However, as we continue to build services, programs, and activities to support you, we need your help! There are many ways you can support the Alumni Association. As graduates of Frontier Nursing University, you have a unique understanding of the history, value, and impact of this organization. Please take a moment to think about ways in which you can give back to FNU.



We know our graduates have busy work, personal, and social lives. However, just a few moments of your time can make a huge difference. Consider giving back to FNU by serving as a Wide Neighborhoods Ambassador. Ambassadors serve as a point of contact to provide education on the programs, resources, and student experiences associated with Frontier Nursing University. Ambassadors engage in outreach activities and work to increase student enrollment. They also provide leadership to create an environment that is welcoming and inclusive of all students. As volunteers, you decide how much time you have to give. Even a small amount of time can make a difference. To learn more about the Wide Neighborhoods Program, please click the image below.



Since its inception, FNU has relied on the generosity of friends. As an Alumnus, we hope that we can count on your help to support the programs and services offered by Frontier. Your gift allows us to maintain affordable tuition, continue to grow programs that support our mission to prepare nurse-midwives and nurse practitioners who are leaders in the primary care of women and families, attract and retain talented student-centered faculty, and maintain our historic facilities and campus. To make your donation, please click on the image below.

Donate to Frontier Nursing University


New graduates are encouraged to participate in the Alumni Donor challenge which rewards participants with Alumni Cords to wear at graduation or an Alumni T-Shirt. All graduates are welcome to participate and can "donate" to

receive a T-Shirt only!


Click HERE to participate in the

Alumni Donor Challenge!




There is no bigger or better way for you to give back to FNU then by becoming a clinical preceptor. As a graduate, you know that the FNU distance education model thrives because of talented clinical preceptors. Your willingness to help promote our profession by being an integral part of the educational experience of student practitioners is so important. At FNU, we value our clinical preceptors, so we ensure that every preceptor is offered educational resources to support you in your role as a clinical educator. Because we value your time and expertise, we offer an honorarium for precepting after the student finishes his/her clinical practicum. To receive more information about becoming a preceptor, please click the image below.




Rewards, Discounts, and Services for FNU ALUMNI 

The FNU Alumni Association has affinity partnerships with a few select vendors to provide discounts to alumni on various products and services. By taking advantage of the offers provided by our affinity partners, you receive discounts because of your affiliation with the FNU. For more information on our Affinity Partners, CLICK HERE.




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