Alumni Career Center

Welcome to the Alumni Career Center!

Did you know that FNU has a jobs board filled with employers looking for you? Click HERE to access current openings. 

Did you know that the Health Resours and Services Administration has a website to help you find opportunities for employement? Check it out HERE!

Frontier Nursing University’s commitment to your success does not end at graduation! We want all of our alumni to be successful. This career page is for you to take full advantage of, whether you’re a recent graduate or an experienced alumni, we want you to feel confident in your career search! We have provided some resources to help you.


Resumes, Cover Letters, Checklist, and more

We know that resumes can be daunting. You have accomplished a lot within your career and we want to make sure you are showcasing your experience in the best way possible. 

We have resume samples to help you prepare for your clinical search, as well as for your job search. 

If resume writing is a challenge for you and you need additional assistance with your resume or cover letter, including one-on-one support, there are many professional services available to you.  A list of certified resume writers can be found here:

Free vector graphic: Pencil, Draw, Write, Pen, School - Free Image ... Resume Proofing Checklist
How does your resume stack up?  Includes CV info!

Have a listen!  Resume Webinar


How to Export Typhon Log Data

More and more employers are asking for your clinical logs, so it's important that you download a copy of your Clinical Log.  
Students have Typhon access two years after graduation.

Check our Job Board

Ready to start looking for a new career in your specialty?! Everyday we hear from employers looking to hire FNU grads.  See current positions available!


Interviewing Tips

You have created your perfect resume, you’ve applied for the job, and now you landed the interview! 

It’s so important to prepare for your interviews, including learning all you can about the organization you are interviewing with.  Take some time to review the organization’s social media and website before the big day. In addition, practice some interview questions by jotting down a few notes; you can then bring your notes to the interview.


Common Interview Questions:

Speaking of questions, we have provided a link to common interview questions.  Don’t forget to prepare for the hardest question of all: “Tell me about yourself.” Prepare for this question by preparing a small elevator speech about yourself and your career experience. (excellent video; also addresses phone interviews)


Community Map

We have Alumni and Frontier Friends all across the county!


Using our Community Map

Tap into the power of the amazing Frontier community by networking with fellow FNU students across the country!  No matter where you are in your school career, our warm and inviting community gives you the opportunity to stay in touch with FNU by networking with each other.  Reach out and connect with a classmate or find a new FNU friend in your area by looking at our community map:  Our community map allows you to search for CURRENT students, preceptors, and faculty.


Contract Negotiation/Salary Negotiation/Starting your Career


Learn the importance of negotiating employment, salary, and benefits.  These resources can assist you.


Things to Consider (relocation assistance, etc.)

A common question that students have is how to mention willingness to move for a position.  These articles can assist you in making the most of a new opportunity, no matter how far you new position takes you.