Case Days

Case Management Days are seminars organized by the Regional Clinical Faculty (RCF). They provide opportunities for group learning and networking within the region. Students doing their clinical practicum present cases to facilitate group discussion of management options and to promote the pathways of critical thinking. All current FNU students, alumni, preceptors, faculty, and applicants are invited to attend.


Please note: CNEPs, FNPs, and PMHNPs CANNOT present at each other's case days UNLESS prearranged with their RCF who MUST BE PRESENT. Please follow RSVP instructions on calendar. Some days have restrictions on who may present. If in doubt, contact your RCF.

If you have any questions, please contact

View our 2018 Case Day memories:


Listeners are welcome at any case day!  "Copy to my calendar" to view event in your local time zone.

FNP Case Days
PMHNP Case Days 


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