FNU's Campus Tobacco Policy

Frontier Nursing University is committed to the prevention of illness and injury through the provision and maintenance of healthy and safe conditions on its premises and due diligence in its activities. 

Frontier Nursing University endeavours to provide a healthy and hazard-free environment and minimize risks by adherence to all relevant legislation, and where appropriate, through the development and implementation of additional internal standards, programs and procedures. 

Frontier Nursing University recognizes scientific evidence indicating that tobacco products are harmful to one’s health and to the health of others through exposure to secondhand smoke. Tobacco use, such as smoking, dipping and chewing, can cause many illnesses such as cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and cancer. In fact, cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventable death and disability worldwide. Non-users exposed to secondhand tobacco smoke can also incur illnesses such as asthma, bronchitis, cancer, chronic pulmonary and cardiovascular diseases. 

Frontier Nursing University recognizes tobacco as an addictive substance and is committed to providing information aimed at providing protection from secondhand tobacco smoke while supporting those addicted to nicotine with resources for smoking cessation services such as counseling and medications. 

The purpose of this policy is to: 
provide protection from secondhand tobacco smoke 
communicate smoking and tobacco use restrictions 
recognize that tobacco is an addictive substance, and provide tobacco cessation support to members of the campus community who are addicted to tobacco products 
prevent tobacco uptake, and promote a tobacco-free lifestyle and tobacco cessation 
reduce the ability of tobacco companies to normalize tobacco products and tobacco use 
reduce fire risks 

This policy applies to anyone on the Frontier Nursing University Versailles campus. 

All events hosted on Frontier Nursing University Versailles Campus are subject to this policy. 

“Smoking” means inhaling, exhaling, burning, carrying or possessing any lighted tobacco product, including cigarettes, cigars, beedi, pipe tobacco, water-pipes, hookahs or any other lighted tobacco products, as well as any product consumed in a similar manner; or the use of a vaping device with or without nicotine or tobacco products, electronic cigarette or any other device intended to simulate lighted tobacco use.

“Tobacco products” means cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, hookah, smokeless tobacco, snuff, chewing tobacco, smokeless pouches, dissolvable tobacco products like orbs (dissolvable tobacco pellets), sticks, and strips or any other forms of ignitable or smokeless tobacco.

“University property” means the Frontier Nursing University Versailles Campus including the interiors and exteriors of all buildings, land, parking facilities, university-owned or -leased vehicles (regardless of location), athletic facilities. 

Policy Statements 

PART A: Sale and Promotion of Tobacco Products 
Frontier Nursing University prohibits the promotion, advertising, or sale of any tobacco products or related paraphernalia on Frontier Nursing University owned, rented or leased property. 

In addition and in accordance with the federal Tobacco Act, corporate tobacco sponsorship of Frontier Nursing University events or groups is prohibited. 

Frontier Nursing University, employees, students and retailers operating in buildings owned, rented or leased by Frontier Nursing University are prohibited from entering into contractual agreements with tobacco companies or companies that promote tobacco. 

PART B: Support for Tobacco Cessation 
Students: All students can get tobacco cessation assistance from local state funded programs. Tobacco cessation medications (prescription and over-the counter) are usually covered in personal insurance plans. 

PART C: Designated Tobacco Use Areas 
There are no outdoor Designated Tobacco Areas at Frontier Nursing University Versailles Campus, smoking and smokeless tobacco use are prohibited on campus, including all properties and vehicles owned, rented or leased by Frontier Nursing University. All forms of tobacco use in personal vehicles on the Versailles campus is prohibited. All persons who wish to smoke, vape, or use tobacco products will be directed to an adjacent property to use tobacco products.

Signs at building entrances and the main points of entry to the Versailles campus (i.e., building entrances, campus entry, parking lots, walking trails, etc.,) shall indicate the non-tobacco status of the university. 

There will be a Designated Tobacco Area at Frontier Nursing University Hyden Campus in the interim until Frontier Nursing University operations are moved to the Versailles Campus.  Tobacco users will be allowed to use tobacco products at a designated area adjacent to the tool shed.  Smoking receptacles will be placed appropriately to dispose of tobacco products.

Wendover will have designated tobacco use areas.  

Compliance with Tobacco Use Policy

Student failure to comply with the tobacco use policy will invoke disciplinary action. The first offense will result in a verbal and written warning and further explanation of the policy by the Administrative person on campus. A second offense may result in a request to leave the property. Other disciplinary actions will be outlined according to the performance plan policy as outlined in the University catalog.

Education about Tobacco Use Policy
The Tobacco Free Campaign will issue an announcement about the new initiative along with a timeline of events and go-live date of the policy.  Education and promotional items will be utilized to increase awareness to all stakeholders of the new initiative.

Students will receive information on the tobacco free policy upon admission to the University, in the catalog. In addition, students attending campus for Campus tours, Frontier Bound, Clinical Bound, Crossing the  Bridge, PMHNP Bound, PM-DNP Bound, and graduation will receive information in their event material. 

Frontier Nursing University Tobacco Free Ambassadors program is aimed at creating an environment of campus ownership and responsibility for maintaining a tobacco free campus.  This is a university wide initiative comprised of staff, faculty and students who are empowered to educate the campus community about the FNU Tobacco Free policy, encourage and monitor compliance. The Tobacco Free Ambassador program will utilize an evidence-based smoking cessation module along with simulations on how to effectively approach and educate tobacco users about the policy.  Tobacco Free Ambassadors will recognize tobacco users with positive reinforcement incentives and provide friendly reminders and information to students, employees, and visitors using tobacco products on the campus. These interactions are central to promoting a healthier campus.

PART D: Participation of Tobacco Companies in Job Recruitment Fairs 
Companies that manufacture, distribute or sell tobacco products are excluded from participating in campus career fairs and other recruitment activities. 

PART E: Contracts with Tobacco Companies 
Frontier Nursing University will not knowingly accept funding or other forms of support, including research grants, staff positions, or student scholarships, from tobacco companies or from any agencies or foundations in which the tobacco industry has an influence, either directly or indirectly. 

PART F: Investments in Tobacco Companies 
The Frontier Nursing University Board of Directors has adopted a socially responsible investment policy and does not invest, directly or indirectly, in any tobacco company.