Meet the Clinical Outreach and Placement Team

Our unit is here to support you as work towards securing your clinical site(s) and preceptor(s).  Please see our contact information below. Students may click on the scheduling appointment links to meet with their Clinical Advisor at any point in their program of study. We wish you much success as you work towards your goal of becoming a nurse-midwife or nurse practitioner.

Clinical Advisors

Carisa Lipp,  Clinical Advisor for CNEP/WHCNP Students
Phone: (859) 251-4581

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Jamie Wheeler, Clinical Advisor for CFNP/PMHNP Students
Phone: (859) 251-4591

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Clinical Services Coordinator

Brittany Bachman,  Clinical Services Coordinator
Phone: (859) 251-4714 

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Director of the Clinical Outreach and Placement Unit

Stephanie Boyd,  Director of Clinical Outreach and Placement
Phone: (859) 251-4593