Instructions for Adding New Email Signature in 6 Easy Steps

 1. Highlight all text inside the box below starting at the first quotation mark and ending with the words "Frontier Nursing University" below. Note that adding this image is optional.

 2. Next, right click and choose COPY or press CTRL+C (Command+C) to Copy.


"We have grown like the Banyan Tree...
with branches yielding shade and fruit to wide neighborhoods..."
--Mary Breckinridge


© 2018 Frontier Nursing University


 3. Open Gmail and click the  gear in the top right.

 4. Select Settings and scroll down to the “Signature” section. Add your personal contact information following the below format. You can format your text using the buttons directly above the text box. Sans Serif font is suggested.

Faculty & Staff

Let us know how we're doing! Student Feedback Form
Name, Credentials
Frontier Nursing University
FNU phone#
FNU fax#(if applicable)
Address (optional)
City, State
Office Hours
Time Zone
Preferred pronouns (optional)
Email address
Link to Faculty Scholarly Endeavors (optional)
Link to Appointment Scheduling (optional)


Name, Credentials
FNU email address
Frontier Nursing University
Phone# with area code
State of residence, time zone
Advisor: Academic Advisor's Name
RCF: RCF's Name (MSN and PGC Only)
Projected Clinical Bound date (MSN and PGC only)

 5. Paste your new signature image in the box like below. You may need to select all the content in the editor box and center it using the Align options.

 6. Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page. Now your new email signature is ready to go!