TechSmith Relay

What is TechSmith Relay?

TechSmith Relay is a screen recorder that allows users to easily create presentations.

How do I access TechSmith Relay?

You can use Relay in Canvas when replying to a Discussion post or using the Rich Content Editor (Text Entry) for an Assignment submission.

You can also record presentations directly from your TechSmith Relay profile:

How do I record a presentation using Relay?

Please watch the following video tutorial for help recording a presentation using Relay, or use the written directions below. (Click the arrow in the upper-right to view the video in fullscreen)

Using Relay in Canvas

When replying to a Discussion post or using the Rich Content Editor, click the Relay icon to open your Library.

After clicking the Relay icon, your Relay Library will appear, allowing you to record new media or select already existing media to upload to your post/submission.

To record new media, click Launch Capture.

To add existing media:

  • Click Add Folder to add an entire folder.
    • This option shows a playlist of all videos in the selected folder.
  • Click Add Media to add a specific video to your post/submission.
  • Click Open Folder > to view all media inside of a folder. You can then select a specific video to add to your post/submission.

Once you have selected a Folder/Video, the item will be embedded into your post. You can also type above and/or below the embedded video.

Recording New Media (Preparation)

If you are recording new media, click Launch Recorder when your Library appears.

After launching the recording, a new page will open that says Launching TechSmith Capture, with a 5 second countdown. If this is the first time you are using TechSmith Relay on this computer, click Download. The TechSmith Capture installer will appear as a downloaded file. Double-click to run the file and follow the installation prompts. 

Once the installation completes, click the link that says Close This Tab from the launch page.

After closing the tab, you will be taken back to Canvas, where your TechSmith Library will be open. Click Launch Recorder again, and the recorder should launch.

After Capture launches, you can adjust the available settings to your liking.

Screen Area Selection

  • Region
    • When you record, you will be prompted to create a region on your screen which will be captured.
    • Using the crosshair, you will draw a square/rectangular area which you want to record.
  • Fullscreen
    • Your entire screen will be captured in the recording, and you will not be prompted to select a region. 

Record Microphone

Use the dropdown to select the microphone device you want to record audio with.


Connect your webcam if you would like to switch between capturing your screen and showing your webcam. This can be useful for introductions and closings, etc.

Record System Audio

Enabling this option will capture the audio from your computer, including alerts and notifications (Calendar, Messages, etc.)

Record Cursor

Enabling this option will capture the mouse cursor in your recording. This can be useful if you are doing a walkthrough of a webpage where you can use the mouse to direct someones eyes to an area of the screen. For slide presentations, keep this disabled for a more polished presentation.

More Settings

Click the gear icon in the lower-right corner of Capture, then select Preferences to enable/disable anonymous usage data.

Recording New Media (Execution)

Now that you have configured the recorder settings to fit your needs, you are ready to record!

Press the red Record button

  • If you selected Region, draw the recording region at this time.

Now you will see a yellow border, which indicates the area being captured, and a toolbar which is used to start/stop recording.

Recording Tips

  • Once you click record, a 3 second countdown will occur. After the countdown, the Record button will be replaced by Stop and Pause buttons. You may Pause/Unpause a recording as many times as you like, but if you click Stop, the recording will end. (You will NOT be prompted to confirm you want to stop recording!)


  • If necessary, you can use the small squares along the edge of the yellow border to adjust the capture region. 


  • If you enabled your webcam, your webcam image will appear inside the yellow border. Use the Webcam On/Off button to switch between your webcam and the screen during recording.

Finish Recording

When you have finished your presentation and would like to end, press the Stop button. 

A preview of your recording will appear, allowing you to watch the video before uploading. 

If you are happy with your recording, press Upload, otherwise, press Cancel and try recording again.

Once the video finishes uploading, you will receive a notification on the screen indicating such. 

If you are posting your video to Canvas, you should now be able to go back to Canvas and use the Add Media option to post the video you just recorded.