Details on all Grading Policies can be found in the FNU Catalog.




Faculty are expected to submit all course grades in Self-Service, including the temporary Incomplete (I) and In-Progress (IP) grades, no later than one week after the end of the term. For specific term end dates please view the Academic Calendar.




Faculty must complete the FNU Grade Conversion Form to replace the temporary Incomplete (I) or In-Progress (IP) grade and to change any previously submitted final grade. Grade changes sent via email will not be processed.

Final grades replacing the temporary I or IP grade can be submitted at any time prior to the university established deadlines. I and IP grading deadlines can be found in the Academic Calendar.




Students interested in requesting a temporary Incomplete (I) grade in a didactic course should submit the Request for Incomplete form to the Course Coordinator no later than the last day of the term. Details about the I grade policy can be found in the FNU Catalog.


Students interested in requesting a temporary In-Progress (IP) grade in a clinical course should consult with their RCF: Regional Clinical Faculty. Students seeking an extension on an IP grade should consult with their RCF in week by week 10 of the term in which the IP was granted.