Course Objectives

With the completion of this training course the preceptor will be able to:


  1. Identify the three presences in the Community of Inquiry
  2. Identify at least one strategy that preceptors can use while working with the student in a way that acknowledges his/her learning style
  3. Give an example of specific feedback to give students
  4. Assess and evaluate the clinical skills of their students
  5. Distinguish a student’s style from their competency
  6. Know how to use a Problem ID form, a Student Directed Learning Plan, and a Performance Plan in clinical
  7. Understand the components of nonviolent communication

Course Map

The course consists of six modules that can be completed as a unit or separately. After completing module 6, the preceptor is required to complete the final evaluation to be awarded CEs

Pre course Instructions
Module 1- The Community of Inquiry
Module 2- Learning Styles and Teaching Strategies
Module 3- Assessment, Feedback and Evaluation
Module 4- Building Working Relationships
Module 5- Problems Along the Way
Module 6- Frontier Documentation
Post course instructions and course evaluation