Dear Preceptors,

We’ve gone electronic! We believe that an electronic version of our current student evaluation tool will be easier and more efficient for students and preceptors to access and use.

Please see the instructions for completing the DDAT/MDAT below:

  1. Select the form and complete the necessary areas.
    1. For the Daily/Weekly Developmental Assessment Tool (DDAT/WDAT):  Please review dates/ hours and visit types. The lower half of the form ( interaction level, student strengths/ opportunities for improvement and expectations) will be completed by the student and viewable to you (see below).   You may choose to add your evaluation to the student self evaluation or approve without additional comments.    
    2. For the Monthly Developmental Assessment Tool (MDAT): Select the appropriate Lickert scale number from the drop-down menu based on your evaluation of the student.  There is also an area to the side of each outcome where you can make comments. 
      1. Please select Zero (0) if the skill was not observed
      2. A passing grade for the MDAT is 80%. The grade will be calculated as you enter data.
  2. After you have completed the form select "Submit"
  3. The form will be returned to the student in a format that does not permit modification. The student will submit the form to their faculty.

You may access your Profile which will also include your DDAT/MDAT Assessment Tool links at any time by visiting: here

If you wish to create a new password, you can do so by clicking on Forgot Password under the Sign In button.   

Once you have logged in, you can find the links to the DDAT/MDAT Assessments in the My Profile Section.