Affinity Programs

Our FNU Affinity programs are a work in progress! We are busy looking for opportunities to save YOU, our graduates money. Please check back often for new opportunities. 


Apple Computers

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Verizon Wireless

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Office Max/Office Depot

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Hertz Rental Car

        #2053625 (25% off standard rates for students, employees and alumni)

SeaCure Advisors

SeaCure Advisors is partnering with Frontier Nursing University as an affinity group to provide financial planning for FNU alumni with two pro bono hours available for you to discuss your financial goa ls and/or questions. Additional planning and investments are ava ilable at discounted prices as well.

Life is con stantly changing and full of many seasons and transitions- some expected, some not, some welcome, some not. We recognize that when you are in transition or just living your life, you have unique questions, hurdles, and opportunities. We are singular in our objective to enhance your overall financial well-being just like you are singular in your work to enhance t he hea lth of the families you work with in bringing new life into the world.
We help you by engaging in thoughtful, sensitive and responsive dialogue so that we may know your unique goals and concerns. At SeaCure Advisors, it is truly about you and the way you want to develop financial hea lth for yourself and your family.



Please visit our website at or contact us. Our contact information is:

Carolyn Howard, CFPTM
(877)328-4037 x700

Patty Breeze, CFPTM
patty@ seacu rea dviso
(877)328-4037 x701

Assured Neace Lukens

The Affordable Care Act requires all citizens to have health insurance on themselves and family members.  Most Americans have coverage through employers, while seniors are covered by Medicare and low-income residents are covered by Medicaid. Those who fall into the gap – such as small-business owners or self-employed Americans – can buy private, government-subsidized health insurance through online marketplaces or exchanges.  The subsidy amount is based on income and family size. If you don’t have coverage, under most circumstances you will pay a fine through your annual tax return filing. 

We realize that many FNU Alumni work for themselves as independent consultants or operate as a small business with just a few employees. There can be confusion as to what is offered within each state. ( is the primary site when searching for health insurance.  State health exchanges exist for the District of Columbia and 13 states.  Thirty six (36) states have NO state health exchange and these 36 states are under the Federal Insurance Exchange.  Each year, open enrollment is held and it is the period during which people can sign up for insurance through the Federal or a state exchange, beginning Nov. 15 of each year  and will last until Feb. 15 of the following year.  

Assured Neace Lukens is  proud to be FNU’s insurance broker for all of their business and employee benefits.  We would love to help guide you and advise you if you need assistance with individual coverage or group coverage.  If you have your own business or are looking to start your own business, Assured Neace Lukens can assist you in quoting health, life, dental, vision and disability insurance. For assistance with individual or group coverage, please contact:

Dino M. Lancianese at – 859-685-6524. 

Mark Bizer at, 859.444.4343